About Quick Cash

The simplest and the easiest way to obtain quick cash is the Automated Teller Machine – ATM. However, the biggest limitation of an ATM is that it will dispense only that much cash as is present in the checking or savings account. This is only an option in an emergency if the person has the cash they need on hand.

Some business firms need to move money fast. Several financial institutes have services to enable such firms and companies to transfer money. These money transfer services are very convenient. Single or multiple money transfers can be done around the world through a computer. Funds can be sent in just a few minutes. Cash can be received at the other end in the form of the recipient’s local currency. At times, these transfers are faster than bank wires. The pre-transaction fee is fixed and costs much lesser than sending a check across through courier.

Quick cash can also be obtained through a stored value card. This is a prepaid card that is used like a bank account. Funds can be deposited or withdrawn from the card. Transactions can be carried out only up to the amount equal to the value stored in the card. Cardholders can keep a record of all the transactions. Security and convenience are the major advantages of this card. These cards can be used globally.